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Stored Pressure Portable Fire Extinguishers

The most popular type of fire extinguisher, the Stored Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher is as reliable and efficient as it is easy to use, with a simple point and shoot operation.

Premium Water & Foam

  • Water Mist
  • Purple K
  • Wet Chemical
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Regular Dry Chemical
  • Halotron I
  • ABC Multi-Purpose
  • Class D Dry Powder
  • High Performance Dry Chemical

NFPA 10 requires that fire extinguishers be inspected and certified annually by persons and facilities qualified for this purpose, and visually observed by building maintenance personnel on a monthly basis to ensure they are in their right locations, mounted, and charged.

NFPA 10 also requires that Stored Pressure Extinguishers receive 6-Year Maintenance Checks and;

Every 12 years, Stored Pressure and Cartridge Operated Extinguishers are to be hydro tested.

Making the Right Choice

To achieve the best firefighting performance and for your own safety always make sure you choose the correct extinguisher for the type of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Chart

Owners of buildings and equipment have a responsibility for the care and use of fire extinguishers located in or on their assets. The requirements for the care of fire extinguishers are set out in the National Fire Protection Association Guideline 10 (NFPA 10) 

In addition to monthly visual spot checks by the owner, NFPA 10 requires that fire extinguishers must be inspected annually to ensure the extinguisher is in proper working order, and that they must be disassembled, inspected and re-built every 6 years and hydrostatically tested every 12 years to ensure safe and reliable operation. The fire code sets out the requirements for fire extinguisher maintenance and certification. Pressurized water and Carbon Dioxide require hydrostatic testing every 5 years.

Choosing the Correct Fire Extinguisher:

A B C of Fire Extinguishers

Effective fire safety depends on having the appropriate firefighting equipment for the type of fire, knowing where to place it, and how to use it. 

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