About Us

The Dynamic Difference

Since 2005 Dynamic Electric and Fire Protection has been your premier partner in service, repair and installation of all fire safety equipment and systems.  We ensure your alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, hoses and all emergency systems are fully functional and up to code. 

Our team of technicians and electricians work to keep your occupants safe and your property operating without interruption, costly downtime or sanctions.

Our professional in-office staff includes a field trained administrative team, dedicated account managers, technical experts and savvy management team.  Our fire alarm technicians and electricians are recruited from the best talent pools available.  They are continually updating their education and expertise to ensure our customer service excellence.  We build partnerships with one point of contact.  

We offer 24/7 Emergency service with unparalleled response time and timely reporting of our findings.  Our investment in training and technology gives us the ability to provide cutting edge service in a convenient fashion.

Get all the benefits of a well run company with the simplicity and satisfaction of working with a dedicated partner.

Why choose Dynamic Electric & Fire Protection?

  • Fast response time means our security personnel can get to your property when you need us
  • Experienced team with detailed knowledge of Ontario codes and standards
  • Providing service to Ottawa and the surrounding area

We specialize in:

  • Fire alarms
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hydrants
  • Sprinkler systems

24/7 Service for Your Safety

Fires, power outages, and other hazards can happen at any time, day or night. At Dynamic, we provide 24/7 services. When your fire alarm goes off, call us and our team will respond immediately. This allows you to rest peacefully knowing that your property is well protected at every moment. 

Our Values

Consistently deliver excellence in all actions and as a result, prosper together.
  • Value and respect our fellow team members and our customers
  • Do the right thing by doing things right, so everybody wins
  • Excellent service at a fair price

Our Vision

To be the premier Fire Protection business in the Ottawa area.  “Premier” being the best, not necessarily the biggest.
  • We protect what you value – your people, your business or livelihood and your premises – and we do it through fire protection and keeping your buildings compliant

Our Difference

The team at Dynamic Electric and  Fire Protection prides itself on developing a partnership relationship with all their clients.
  • This has resulted in outstanding client loyalty 
  • Dynamic Electric and Fire Protection Inc. provides fire protection solutions to suit our clients’ needs – we do not tailor our clients’ needs to suit our products and services.
  • The Dynamic solution always provides the highest possible protection for employees, visitors, building contents and the building itself