Fire Protection Systems Sprinklers

Since sprinklers are essential fire safety systems in large buildings, they must be routinely tested and inspected to verify that they perform to the original installation requirements and to ensure operational readiness. Inspection, testing and maintenance of sprinkler systems are regulated by NFPA 25, which mandates that sprinkler systems are to be maintained and inspected monthly, quarterly and annually. Flow tests of wet sprinkler systems shall be performed every 5 years. Dry sprinklers are required to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years. Records must be kept by the building owner or manager for examination by the insuring agent and/or the authority having jurisdiction.Our scheduling system allows us to plan your inspection requirements in advance, to coordinate them with the inspection of other fire protection systems in your asset(s) and to obtain your approval in advance of the work.

Sprinkler Systems Services
  • Fire Sprinklers Inspection
  • Inspection
  • Anti-Freeze Loops Inspection
  • Dry Fire Systems Inspection
  • Fire Pumps Inspection
  • Pre action Deluge Systems Inspection
  • Private Fire Hydrants Standpipe Sprinkler Systems Inspection
  • Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection
  • Fire Sprinkler Installation in New Construction
  • Fire Sprinkler Relocation in Tenant Improvement
  • Fire Sprinkler and Fire Pump Service and Repair
  • NFPA 25 Fire Sprinkler Test and Inspection
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